Plaza Fundadores

City of Aguascalientes

A square with golden letters in honor of the founders of Aguascalientes

View the city’s architectural contrasts at this contemporary square.

Juan de Montoro Avenue, where it meets Doctor Jesús Díaz de León Street

Plaza Fundadores

Stop off here while on your city tour and take a refreshing break at this iconic square.

Plaza Fundadores is just a block from the main square, Plaza de Armas or Plaza de la Patria. On one side of the square there is a wall where the names of the founders of the city are engraved, starting with don Juan de Montoro.

The current location of the square was originally the site of the city’s first formal hotel, the Hotel Washington. It was built under the direction of don Refugio Reyes and was carried out at the request of señor Velasco in 1896. Later, on the same site, the Colonial Cinema was established, where it remained until the 1990s. During the refurbishment of the Historic Downtown area at that time, it was decided to build Plaza Fundadores.

For locals, the square is not just a center for recreation; it also serves as a space for expression. You can regularly see art exhibitions, dance and plays, which display the considerable talent of the city’s inhabitants.

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