Guava Desserts, Sweets and Liquers


Visit Calvillo Pueblo Mágico, and tour the guava confection factories, the guava groves, and try guava-based treats

As can be inferred from the town’s coat of arms, guava is the main product in these parts. There are 4,500 producers between Calvillo and Zacatecas – a major source of direct and indirect employment in the region.

Guava production, processing and sales support many families in Calvillo. Part of the production is exported to the United States and the rest is consumed in Mexico, where it is mainly used for making delicious traditional guava-based products, such as jams, jellies, and sweets, but is also found in bread and fruit punch.

You can buy guava products in stores all around Calvillo, where the fruit’s distinctive scent fills the air.

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