Restaurante La Mestiza

City of Aguascalientes

La Mestiza Yucateca is the ideal place to find culinary and architectural traditions.

After breakfast, visit the Posada Museum.

Abasolo 117 Barrio del Encino (449) 915.9302

Monday to Sunday: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m

Restaurante La Mestiza

We recommend the suckling pig tamal, you’ll love it. Get a window seat and enjoy the views of the square

Located in the Encino neighborhood, La Mestiza Restaurant is a building within an estate, and has been restored and adapted as the family business of doña Tere has grown over the last twenty years. Its success is based on the excellence and originality of the dishes, and the surprise factor of offering Yucatan cuisine in the heart of Mexico.

Enjoy traditional Yucatan dishes like cream tacos, champurrado (hot chocolate with corn) and cream bread, which you can only get at the weekends, as well as other typical regional dishes like panuchos (stuffed tortilla), tacos, filled rolls and cochinita pibil (suckling pig) tamales.

On weekends this warm, colorful restaurant features Mariachi music, adding the perfect touch to a traditional Mexican setting.

Across from the restaurant you’ll find the Encino Church and Gardens, wonderfully peaceful places which are ideal for a stroll or just relaxing. The José Guadalupe Posada Museum is also in the same square and displays works by Mexico’s most influential socio-political caricaturist.

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