Sierra del Laurel


The Sierra del Laurel is the ideal place for getting in touch with nature, relaxing and resting in the middle of a spectacular forest.

State Highway 9, Aguascalientes

  • Villa Hidalgo or Federal Highway 70, Aguascalientes-Calvillo Calvillo
  • Tourist Office (495) 956 0039 Ext. 4161 


Sierra fría

To get the most out of your visit to the Sierra del Laurel we recommend getting in touch with a tour operator

This is a fabulous place for mountain biking, hiking, walking, camping, fishing, hunting or taking boat tours. Don’t forget to take the right equipment.

The Sierra del Laurel covers 20,757 acres and is an extension of the Sierra Fría across Calvillo, Aguascalientes and Jesús María.

Magnificent forests, spectacular landscapes and a wide range of activities in contact with nature make the Sierra a bit special. The area’s flora and fauna is also worth mentioning – subtropical scrubland with burseras, ceibas, pitayos, and garambulla cactus.

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