Sierra Fría

Municipalities of San José de Gracia, Calvillo, Rincón de Romos, Jesús María and Pabellón de Arteaga

This impressive nature reserve covers more than 276,000 acres of forest and mountain range

Stay in a cabin in the Sierra Fria and spend a weekend relaxing at one with nature.

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Sierra fría

After just a weekend, you’ll want to stay longer

The Sierra Fria is in the northwest of the State of Aguascalientes and was declared a Natural Protected Area in 1994.

Local flora and fauna are abundant and there is a great variety of trees, including pines, oaks, cedars, madrones, and ash trees. Wildlife includes white-tailed deer, pumas, wild boar, bobcats, ring-tail cats (a kind of raccoon), grey foxes, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, Montezuma quails, chameleons and rattlesnakes.

As well as playing an important role in wildlife conservation, this natural space has also become an ideal spot for outdoor leisure activities, such as camping, hiking and cycling.

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