Morelos Theater

City of Aguascalientes

The building took two years to construct and blends beautifully with the neoclassical style of adjacent buildings. Its interior spaces boast an Italianate style.

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Plaza de la República, next to the Cathedral. Downtown

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Teatro Morelos

Before leaving, view the plaque that bears witness to the theater’s history; it reads “Site of the Sovereign Revolutionary Convention of Aguascalientes”

The theater was designed by José Noriega. Construction began in 1883 and was completed just two years later. The architectural style is neoclassical and the stage is Italianate and divided into two sections 1) the horseshoe-shaped public area and 2) the stage house which meets the public area through the proscenium arch.

The theater was the setting for historical events during the Mexican Revolution, when the Revolutionary Convention met here. The different revolutionary forces came together in order to try to reach an agreement and came up with the Plan de Ayala, which had been proposed by the Zapatista delegates and which named General Eulalio Gutiérrez as the Provisional President of Mexico His period in office was to last from November 6th 1914 to January 16th the following year.

On March 30th 1993 a presidential decree declared Morelos Theater a National Historic Monument,

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