San Diego Church and The Studens´Garden

City of Aguascalientes

The church’s baroque style highlights its beauty and grandeur. 

Visit the catacombs where the remains of Father Friar José Sainz are kept in the lower part of the niche. You will need a guide and permission from the friars.

Corner of Rivero Gutiérrez and Juárez Street, Downtown 

 (449) 915.3486

Monday to Sunday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Templo de San Diego y Jardín del Estudiante

Be prepared for a mysterious but enriching tour.

The baroque San   Diego Church was inaugurated on the seventh of January 1647, becoming the largest church of the period.

In the interior there are images allusive to the Marian mystery and litany, while the Niche of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception is to be found by the high altar.

Just outside the church is the Students’ Garden, making reference to nearby buildings of the Aguascalientes Autonomous University.

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