Town of Tepezalá

In the main square, which boasts a white-walled and red-roofed gazebo, you’ll find the church dedicated to the Señor de Tepezalá.

Calle Juárez, Downtown, Town Hall

(465) 951.2029

Museo Tepetzalán

Enjoy the church’s sober tranquility and take a moment to admire its splendor

Built in 1893 with the support of the Silvestre Fathers and Friar Alonso Dávalos, the church is dedicated to the Black Christ, who is immensely popular in the region owing to his generosity in granting miracles.

The church’s sober interior is small and simple. There is just one neo-classical nave, four circular white-stone columns, and a ceiling with frescos framing the entrance to this charming church.

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