Town of Jesús María

Restoration work has been undertaken in conjunction with the local community, which has shown its unflinching support for the project. Government agency CONACULTA has also supported the project through the FOREMOBA restoration program.

This church, dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth, dates back to 1735. Its construction was directed by the priest Juan Colón y Larreategui and work was completed in 1750. Inside this baroque temple there is an impressive gilded altarpiece and carved quarry stone.

Owing to the deterioration of the building over two centuries a restoration committee was formed, headed by Father César Cuauhtémoc Chávez. The process was carried out in four stages in order to address issues such as exterior and interior lighting, exterior cleaning, and interior mural restoration.

In 2013 restoration work on the bells was undertaken, a gift from former Governor Rafael Arellano Ruiz Esparza, influential land-owner and politician who was State Governor on three occasions and who also donated a monumental clock from one of the leading clockmakers, Armand Francoise Collin, who made the clock for the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

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