San Marcos Church and Gardens

City of Aguascalientes

Birthplace of the San Marcos National Fair, the church is also home to beautiful gardens and is where the local population worship and give thanks to their patron saint.

Enjoy a tranquil stroll or simply relax on a park bench and admire the sculptures around the park.

Manuel M. Ponce, San Marcos Neighborhood (449) 915.5287

Monday to Sunday: 7 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Templo y Jardín de San Marcos

In the sacristy there is a mural named “Worshipping the Kings” (1775), which covers the entire wall and bears the hallmarks of its neo-Hispanic painter, José de Alcíbar. According to legend, the ghost of a trader walks the park at nightfall, keeping watch over treasure he was never able to recover.

The construction of San Marcos Church began in 1655 on the orders of Doctor Manuel Colón de Larreategui, and wasn’t completed until 1765, over a hundred years later.

Both the facade and belfry display a baroque churriguesque style.

At the high altar there is a statue of the Virgin of Carmen and a sculpture of the apostle Saint Mark. There is an adjoining chapel – the chapel of Our Lady of the Pueblito, and a beautiful garden at the front which is also named San Marcos.

Since 1831, the gardens have been a center of social life and recreation. They are adorned with wrought-iron benches, a fountain below the gazebo, sculptures representing local customs and traditions and four entrances facing each of the cardinal points.

Every year the area is home to the San Marcos National Fair, and on April 25th it holds a traditional street party in honor of the patron saint, San Marcos, to thank him for another year of Feria.

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