Guadalupe Church and Gardens

City of Aguascalientes

Situated at the heart of the Guadalupe Neighborhood, the church is one of the most important and beautiful in the city.

Calle Guadalupe Nájera 213, Downtown  (449) 915.5033

Monday to Sunday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Templo y Jardín de Guadalupe

Don’t leave before viewing the four pendentive paintings showing the four apparitions of the Virgin before the eyes of indigenous Juan Diego or the pulpit made from tecali volcanic rock.

Constuction of the Church of Guadalupe took more than two decades. Work began in 1767 under the direction of Felipe de Ureña, and over time the structure has been modified on several occasions, with the second level of its spires added in 1973.

The baroque facade is made from carved quarry stone, as is the huge dome covered in Talavera tile, while the interior boasts rich, high-quality sculptural and pictorial decoration. The priceless painting of the Virgen of Guadalupe presides over the sanctuary and was painted by José de Alcíbar in 1777.

The church is best admired from the atrium, where there is a sculpture of Pope John Paul II, carved from pink quarry stone. At the back of the church is the neo-gothic Chapel of Christ, the Most Holy.

There is an octagonal gazebo at the center of the gardens, which were previously known as Porfirio Díaz Gardens. At one time a cultivated field and at another a cemetery, it was eventually decided to create a leisure area for the people of Aguascalientes, which is when this space became the beautiful Guadalupe Gardens

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