Area: 5, 616 km2
0.3% of National Territory
11 Towns

Manufacturing is a major economic activity in Aguascalientes – especially the manufacture of machinery and equipment, and accounts for 29.35% of the state’s economy.

Taken by sector, primary activities represent 4.65%, secondary activities make up 40.18% and tertiary activities amount to 55.17%.

Moreover, Aguascalientes is the second largest producer of guava in Mexico.

In total, the state contributes 1.1% to Mexico’s GDP.

While it is true that Aguascalientes is characterized by its industrial activity, over time the state has shaped its own identity and kept its traditions and customs alive. These aspects, along with the conservation of its majestic architecture, have created a very favorable impression for those who visit the city and the state.

Another factor which makes Aguascalientes stand out from the rest is its annual Fair, which has been held every year for 180 years. It is the biggest fiesta in Mexico and is called The National Fair of San Marcos.

The Fair features an incredible range of events and is internationally renowned for its cultural, entertainment and sporting offerings, which help preserve local traditions and customs.

As well as culture, Aguascalientes boasts beautiful natural areas. The state is traversed by the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mesa Central y Eje Neovolcánico.

One example of this singular beauty is the Sierra Fria National Park, which features areas for visitors to enjoy leisure activities and relaxation.









The mild climate in Aguascalientes is another reason visitors enjoy this area so much. With a privileged location in the center of the country, it enjoys an annual average temperature of between 17°C and 18°C. The hottest months are May and June while the coldest is January. Rainfall is light and mainly occurs during the summer months. Annual rainfall is 526 mm.

Viva Aguascalientes