The Calaveras Festival

City of Aguascalientes


‘La Catrina’ is the source of this singular traditional festival that celebrates the dead and displays the great artistic flair of Mexican culture.

Attend any of the cultural, artistic and musical events on offer at one of the most unusual festivals in the world.

Isla San Marcos (Boulevard San Marcos), Pirules Neighborhood

(449) 910.2088

Last week of October and first of November

Isla San Marcos

Mexican or not, join this unique festival, dress up as a skeleton and be a part of the Day of the Dead celebrations.

A banner of art, magic, beauty and mysticism unfurls in late October and early November, preserving and commemorating the celebration of the dead in Mexican culture.

It is also a time when homage is paid to the world-renowned master engraver from Aguascalientes, José Guadalupe Posada, who in 1912 created the iconic engraving in metal of La Calavera Garbancera (also known as La Catrina), symbol of the festival.

The Great Calaveras Parade passes along Madero Avenue in the historic downtown area. The  troupes and allegoric floats are the high point of a festival which also features gastronomic delights, handicrafts, processions, concerts, theater and, of course, the traditional Day of the Dead bread.

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