Isla San Marcos

City of Aguascalientes

This outstanding recreational space is where locals and visitors get together to enjoy educational and leisure activities and to have some fun

Boulevard San Marcos, Colonia Pirules


Throughout the year.

Isla San Marcos

Come and take a photo next to the 50-foot-tall Catrina Monument and enjoy a beautiful sunset from Isla San Marcos.

Isla San Marcos sits on 109 acres and is one of the main venues for the San Marcos National Fair, hosting the cattle show and the amusement park.

It is also the official venue of the Calaveras Festival, when the Island fills to the brim with food pavilions and kids’ pavilions, and holds concerts and other musical events, live theatre, and many other fun and festive activities.

Principal attractions include the large artificial lake with fountains in the middle; the largest mechanical clock in Latin America, measuring nearly 89 feet in diameter; a zip line; the Catrina Monument in honor of José Guadalupe Posada, and the countless green areas.

This is also the ideal place to enjoy a wide range of musical events and artistic exhibitions throughout the year..

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