Town of Calvillo

Fire Agate and natural elements embellish jewelry, giving it an elegant mystique.

Take your pick of superb jewelry in the town of Calvillo.

Calvillo is 52 km west of the city of Aguascalientes (495) 956.0039 Ext. 4162


The town of Calvillo has developed a cottage industry making organic and mineral jewelry.

The main materials of organic jewelry are wild seeds, naturally-dried fruit, dry leaves, wood, stone, quartz and bird feathers, which are collected after migration, respecting nature.

A range of jewelry is made with these primary materials; including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, diadems and scarves.

Calvillo also stands out for its use of Fire Agate in its jewelry. This is a rare gemstone formed thirty million years ago.

Fire Agate is extracted from mines in villages nestled in the sierra and you can find it in those villages as well as in some jewelry stores in historic downtown selling a range of items, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Apparently it is worth quite a lot, especially once polished.

If you’d like to take a souvenir home from Calvillo, something made from Fire Agate or organic jewelry would be an excellent choice.

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