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The city of Aguascalientes is imbued with a singular mysticism that piques the curiosity of locals and visitors alike.

Some months there are events on Saturdays outside the Town Hall. For more information contact the Visitors Center.


Palacio Municipal

Enjoy the dramatizations of the state’s most common popular legends, especially those that take place during the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Legends are folk tales that have been passed down through the years in an oral tradition. In Aguascalientes there is an array of legends born from local historical events or from the everyday lives of its inhabitants.

Although the stories come from all kinds of places across the state, it seems there is a preference for far-flung and isolated locations. Haciendas are always a favorite for strange tales which, true or not, gave rise to a rich vein of stories about what may or may not have happened within their confines.

During the Calaveras Festival, don’t miss the staging of the most popular legends around the city, including those in cemeteries, adding a spooky touch to each tale.

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