Town of Calvillo

Savor delicious cheeses in the ‘Pueblo Mágico’ of Calvillo, where you’ll find more than ten traditional cheese factories; some of which have been making cheese for over thirty years.

When you get to the cheesery, ask to taste the range of cheeses.

Quesos de Calvillo

Ask about wholesale prices if you’d like to share with friends and family.

Calvillo, famous for its traditional guava confectionary, is also known for another product that plays an essential role in Mexican cuisine – its delicious cheeses. Many brands stand out for their unique taste – they are artisanal cheeses made 100% from dairy milk and are preservative-free, thanks to the traditional processes still practiced.

Calvillo cheese is the envy of the whole state and is known further afield. Natural ingredients are the basis of fresh products you can trust.

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