Town of Asientos

Get to know the history and architectural beauty of Asientos aboard the rather unusual train “El Piojito”.

Hop on the train El Piojito and discover the ‘real’ Real de Asientos.

The train leaves from the main square.

Main Square (496) 967.4056 Ext. 1117

Saturdays/ Sundays: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Recorrido en tren

El Piojito is the tourist train in Asientos, and pulls small wagons with a tractor. It began work in the early twentieth century and transported minerals from the Santa Francisca Mine to San Gil Station.

Today, this rather unusual mode of transport will take you around the El Hundido Mine so that you can get to know rudimentary mining processes and the Slaves Hall, built during the period of the viceroyalty.

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