City of San José de Gracia

Great views and great food are two good reasons for visiting the restaurants in San José de Gracia.

Highway to San José de Gracia Km 105

(465) 955.9399

Try the specialties of the house in each restaurant; you won’t be disappointed

En el Municipio de San José de Gracia encontrarás varios restaurantes en los que podrás disfrutar de la gastronomía hidrocálida.

San José de Gracia has several restaurants where you can savor scrumptious local cuisine.

Some serve delicious seafood, such as shrimp, aguachile (shrimp in a spicy seafood sauce), and the traditional shrimp cocktail, as well as specialties of the house.

Others offer excellent meat dishes prepared in a range of styles.

Cool and cozy dining areas invite you to spend a pleasant time with family or friends in a special location.

One restaurant is situated on the shore of the Jocoqui Reservoir, another has wonderful panoramic views of the canyon and the Broken Christ, and others are near the town’s shopping district.

They are all excellent starting-off points for walking or hiking.

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