Town of Asientos

This enchanting church is dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe and was completed in the eighteenth century. Adjoining the church is the state’s oldest cemetery – the resting place of the first settlers.

Admire the ironwork around the church’s windows and doors, as well as the interesting murals in the cemetery, born from the imagination of the locals and in which you can see their relationship with death.

Plazuela de Guadalupe, behind the Church of Guadalupe

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Santuario de Guadalupe

We recommend the tour offered by the Asientos Tourist Office which includes a visit to Guadalupe Church and Cemetery and explains their history.
Ask about the legends!

The church was built in 1765 on the orders of Father Tadeo Bueno de Bessori.

The yellow and pink quarry stone facade frames a beautiful figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe over the door and coral window.

Once inside you can admire the paintings of Jesus and the twelve apostles by artist Teodoro Ramirez.

Behind the church is the oldest cemetery in the state, created as a result of an outbreak of influenza in the eighteenth century.

The remains of the first Spanish settlers in the region are also buried here and today the cemetery is divided into sections according to the social status of the town’s inhabitants at the time.

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