Stations of the Cross Brought to Life in Real de Asientos


To experience Easter in Real de Asientos means to be part of one of most deep-rooted traditions in Mexico. The whole town is dressed in mourning, ready to witness the Stations of the Cross as it makes its way through the streets of this Pueblo Mágico.

Enjoy the wonders of this Pueblo Mágico, such as the tunnels under the Parish Church and its Art Gallery. Be sure to visit the architectural complex of Guadalupe, where you’ll find one of the oldest cemeteries in Aguascalientes.

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Easter week (Maundy Thursday and Good Friday)

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Join a nearly 500 -year-old tradition.

In the Pueblo Mágico of Real de Asientos you can experience one of the ten most emblematic Stations of the Cross in Mexico.


This religious festival dates back to 1548 and transmits the devotion and passion with which its more than seventy participants go about the reenactment. They preserve this ancient tradition through the streets of Real de Asientos and up Santa Cruz Hill.


The actors play their parts and deliver their lines. Meanwhile, through a lottery, the local community plays its part in this majestic event by making the costumes and the whole stage for the Stations of the Cross. The figure of Christ is displayed inside Our Lady of Bethlehem Church in Real de Asientos Pueblo Mágico.

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